Camera overkill on the A505

I live near Stevenage in Herts and work in Bassingbourn near Royston. I travel to work on my 1992 Kawasaki ZZR1100 along the A505.

Having just come back from two holidays I was very surprised to find six speed cameras installed along a two mile stretch of the A505 dual carrageway between Baldock and Royston.

Five of these are in the central reservation and beside each of those five cameras are another five pointing directly at the side of passing vehicles.

In Hertfordshire we have some very badly maintained roads mainly due to lack of funding, but the authority can install these income generating machines along a straight dual carrageway which in the five years I have been using it has nto seen any serious accidents which would warrent the installion of this amount of cameras.

In our local paper the council stated that they would not be repairing badly maintained roads as this was too expensive but they would look after the good ones as it was cheaper.

Joe Feely

Reader's article

By Joe Feely