Showcase cinema Leeds- helmet trouble

I recently ran up against a blatant example of discrimination. On Tuesday this week (11th) my partner and I went to the Showcase cinema in Leeds to see the new Bond film. Having paid for the tickets and refreshments we were told on trying to go through to the screen itself that we were not allowed to take our helmets in and that they would have to be left with the staff.

I questioned this and the manager came over and explained that helmets were banned as they could be used to hide cameras in to record the film….. After reluctantly handing them over and watching people with bags ranging from handbags to shopping bags and even a small rucksack go in unchallenged we went into see the film.

When the film ended it took nearly 10 minutes to get our helmets back and we were told that the next time we went the same thing would happen. I politely told the manager that there wouldn’t be a next time as I considered what had happened to be discrimination.

As a side note I used to go the the Showcase in Bellevue, Manchester, regualarly until only recently when I moved to Bradford, and I was NEVER asked to hand my helmet in there. The manager also told me that it was a nationwide policy that helmets were not allowed.

I have made a complaint to the head office of the company that runs the Showcase cinemas in the UK by email and also by telephone, but the person I need to speak to has so far not returned my calls or email.

So, if you intend to go to the Leeds Showcase cinema, you either need to take a large bag to put your helmet in, leave it on your bike or go by a different means of transport, because if you go to there with your helmet in hand you won’t get in with it!


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By BMW_Mick1962