DVLA lost my licence entitlements

In November 2007 I swapped my Northern Ireland licence for ‘UK’ licence. My licence stated that I could drive a selection of vehicles which occupied 9 rows on the back of the licence.

When I got the ‘UK’ replacement it only had the basic car entitlement, no bike! Luckily I had taken a copy of the original & sent them both straight back. The DVLA refused to amend it but after numerous telephone calls I eventually got a licence with the bike entitlement on it.

The details on the licence are still not right but i’ve given up now! I passed both my car & bike tests in 1975, my licence says I passed them all on 11-10-95 & I have absolutely no idea where they got this date from! It looks like I might have been one of the lucky ones though!

Dave Tinkler

Reader's article

By Dave Tinkler