Norton Rotary in MCN car park video

This is one of the entries for MCN’s 2009 Britain’s Got Biking Talent.

Owner Tony Haywood has just brought his Norton NRS588 Rotary race bike replica into the MCN offices to be photographed, and we twisted his arm to start it in the car park afterwards.
It’s one of the loudest, angriest, weirdest, most incredible sounds you can imagine.

MCN Chief Road Tester Michael Neeves said: “Riding around MCN’s car park, I feared it would spit me off and crash into all the parked cars, but it’s actually friendlier than it sounds.

“I’d love to ride it on the track, although it would be far too loud to allowed on at most circuits. I’m still buzzing now!”

Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter