Electric racing crisis: Mission sign for TTXGP, FIM blamed for split

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Mission Motors, the firm behind one of the most interesting entrants to this year’s electric TT on the Isle of Man, has thrown its lot in with Azhar Hussain’s TTXGP race series, following an acrimonious split in electric racing.

Bike racing’s governing body the FIM, which had backed TTXGP and its plans to develop a full eGrand Prix race series in 2010, has ended that backing and launched its own series.

The reasons behind the move are cloaked in misinformation, chief among the false claims being that Hussain has a conflict of interest as the man behind electric race-bike firm Mavizen.

In fact Mavizen – created with the FIM’s full backing as a way of supplying wannabe race-teams with competitive machinery and parts to guarantee a full grid – have undertaken never to enter the series as a factory team.

MCN understands the split arose after the FIM reneged on its original agreement with TTXGP series organisers, threatening to withdraw its backing pending payment of half a million Euros.

A witness to the proceedings claims the FIM then demanded full rights to the series.

When the demand was refused the FIM then insisted the rule book – drafted by TTXGP organisers – could not be used outside the FIM’s own hastily-organised series the source claimed.

Hussain is hitting back with a vigorous campaign to sign up the leading lights of electric racing on TTXGP-only contracts.

He already has the winners of the inaugural TTXGP race on the Isle of Man – Agni Motors – but the landing of big-money Mission Motors is a major boost.

Based in the heart of silicon valley in California, Mission is the current holder of the AMA Land Speed Record set at Bonneville Salt Flats with a two way pass average of 150.049mph and top one mile average of 161mph.

In spite of the fallout, TTXGP series founder Azhar Hussain says he still hopes to work with the FIM from 2011. “I never wanted to be a governing body” he says.

Guy Procter

By Guy Procter