New Cal Crutchlow replica revealed

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World Supersport champion Cal Crutchlow was wearing a new celebration helmet at last week’s Valencia WSB test ­- sporting the world cycling champion’s colours.

Cal’s a serious road cyclist as well as motorcycle racer.

The man behind the design, Richard Stevens (of Rich Art Concepts) explains the new design…

“The inspiration for the helmet for Cal was both my love of bikes and the fact that I knew Cal was into them as well.

“I’ve always liked the World Champion stripes and thought they would make a great addition to Cal’s design without interfering with his existing ‘Monster Energy’ graphic.

“Cal trains on a road bike and has a good understanding of the sport too so I knew that it would be a great connection.

“He is not the first, though ­ Troy Bayliss and Andrew Pitt have included the band into their designs in past years too. Both are avid cyclists themselves.

“I was sent two helmets to paint up for Cal’s upcoming tests and I decided to do something a little different on one of them which he was totally cool with.

“He loved it when he picked it up and I’m sure will wear it for a few rounds next year. Although I guess that decision may come down to Arai.”

Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott