Venhill claims to have braking covered

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Venhill braided brake hoses are manufactured using marine grade stainless braid (highly resistant to corrosion) with a DuPont Teflon core (highly resistant to heat compared to nylon) and are covered with an extruded PVC jacket (to help prevent wear and deterioration due to sunlight, chemicals and movement).  

Their Powerhose Plus range is supplied with swivel fittings and are tested for pressure resistance. Every hose that leaves the Venhill factory is pressure tested to 1500psi. In addition, every 30 days random hoses are pressure tested up to 10,000psi. This is why, the firm claims, Venhill lines meet and exceed both American DOT and German TUV requirements ­ one of the few production brake lines to meet both standards.

They’re available with 10 different coloured coverings, with banjos and bolts in polished stainless or chrome-plated steel.

For details of the full range contact Venhill on 01306-885111, or visit:

Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott