Ducati Monster 1100s given custom make over

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Ducati USA marked the arrival of the new Ducati Monster 1100 by throwing down the gauntlet to their dealer network to create the ultimate Monster, in just three weeks!

The new-look Monster 1100 emerged in dealers in the US a week ago, and to celebrate Ducati challenged 106 of their dealers to raid the official parts catalogue and rope in their local painting contacts to piece together the best naked V-twin roadster 1100S on the planet.

Dealers had just three weeks to throw their designs together. Ducati sent out panels and tanks two weeks before the bikes landed in the country to get a head-start on the paint work and gave each team a week with the bikes to add styling and performance parts.

The competition has attracted big names from the industry including design guru Troy Lee who penned and sprayed one of the designs.

The contest culminated last week when each dealer had special open days to celebrate the Monster’s arrival.

See pictures of all the entries in the February 4 edition of MCN.

Ducati New York
The graffiti on this Ducati Monster 1100 makes the V-twin naked look even more menacing and moody.

I can’t help but be reminded of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air everytime I look at it. But that’s not exacty a bad thing.

This has to be my winner.


PJ’s Ducati
The fact this Monster 1100 has been painted by hand makes it extra special.

Viewing the paint close up reveals stroke marks from paint brushes. Only then do you really appreciate this masterpiece.

The bright colours help to draw me to the Monster like a Magpie to a Rolex. I could sit and look at this all day without getting bored. Brilliant.

Seacoast Sport Cycle
From a distance you’d be forgiven for thinking this was a bog standard Ducati Monster 1100. But the simple paint scheme is a beauty.

The tribal paint scheme is extremely well done and the paint looks as deep as the ocean.




Rob Hull, Liam Marsden

By Rob Hull, Liam Marsden