Dangerous junction in Leeds

I have never had an accident on my bike. But I have been nearly run of the road by two car drivers in the last week doing exactly the same thing.

Going round the one way system in Leeds there is a split in the three lane road where the right hand lane goes straight on down a single lane road and the other to lanes go left. The lanes are clearly marked with arrows. Both times i was in the right hand lane along side the cars which from the middle lane and without braking indicating or doing a safety check went down the single track road.

If it hadn’t been for my quick reactions and ability to ride in the gutter i would have been killed or seriously injured. Especially since the second time i had to brake sharply to avoid being plastered to the back of a parked van.

The fact the cars didn’t even stop to see if i was alright makes me wonder if i had been killed how the police would have concluded it was my fault instead of the idiots driving about like there’s no one else on the road.


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