Motorcycle courses ready to hit the road

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Easy riders rejoice – East Berkshire College will soon be offering two courses on how to repair and maintain motorcycles. 

The courses, which start in September, are either for riders who want to learn a bit more about their machine or for people looking to become motorcycle mechanics.
The Motorcycle IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) Certificate is a full-time course for prospective mechanics, while the Motorcycle Hobby Course is an evening course aimed at experienced enthusiasts who want to be able to fix, maintain and upgrade their bikes.

The man behind the course is senior lecturer Ian Whatsize, who is the proud owner of a Triumph TT600 and has spent a decade relishing the freedom riding a motorcycle brings.

“Having spent many a night in the workshops here working on my bike, I figured it would be good for other motorcycle fans to do the same and gain a qualification at the end of it. I’ve been to a lot of meetings with other bikers and there are no courses around the area that offers that.

“I always wanted to set up something for both new bikers and for more experienced riders. They can come in and do a course tailored to suit everyone’s needs, from learning the basics right through to understanding the complexities of how their pride and joy works – whether it’s a moped or a 1000cc superbike.”

As well as students, Ian is looking for sponsors willing to donate some motorcycles that students can work on or otherwise support the courses.

People who wish to take the Motorcycle Hobby Course or the Motorcycle IMI Certificate can find out more by calling 0845 373 2500, going to or sending a free text. Text EBC, then your message, to 88020.

Ian Whatsize

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By Ian Whatsize