A great day out in North Wales

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Leaving my home in Liverpool at 8.30am I rode to meet my friends at the Stanlow service station on the M56.

5 riders in all myself, Steve from Bolton, Steve from Bury, Mike from Newton Le Willows and Bob from Bury.

We proceeded along the M56 and onto the A55 and headed towards the the Dragon Cafe at the Caerwys Junction of the A55 to have the obligatory breakfast

We where then joined by another rider David from Bury. From the Dragon Cafe we proceeded towards Caerwys and onto the Mold road, towards Mold.

Through Mold town centre and then across country shortest route on the good old TomTom arriving at the Pondersa Cafe at 12.10pm only to find it blocked by bikers it was great, bikes, bikes and more bikes and a few worried sheep, all very civilised as expected.

Unfortunatley we couldn’t carry on to Betwys e Coed as we had to be home in time for roast diiners.

So we took the narrow lane that runs down the back of the cafe towards Worlds End.

It was a great day with little police presence that we saw, only a car being pulled on the A55 at Queensferry.

We headed out towards Shrewsbury and Whitchurch and up the A49 to home 165 mile round trip with no problems and excellent weather, all in all a great day.

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glenn richardson

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By glenn richardson