Reclaim North Wales Facebook group tops 1700 members

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A Facebook group supporting MCN’s Reclaim North Wales campaign has gained 1759 members and is growing by the hour.

The group – which backs our bid to reclaim North Wales for motorcyclists from heavy-handed police – was only started a matter of days ago by MCN reader Mel Griffiths, 38. He said: “The response is a bit overwhelming to be honest.”

Over 100 comments have been posted by group members, many highlighting North Wales Police’s unreasonable targeting of motorcyclists.

David Hyland writes: ‘There is no doubt that this is victimisation.’

MCN decided action was needed after North Wales Police admitted stopping around 400 motorcyclists every summer weekend including 350 who have committed no offence.

Our campaign aims to encourage as many law-abiding riders as possible to descend on the region on September 13.

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell