Motorcycles banned from bus lanes over other people’s crashes

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Motorcyclists are to be booted out of bus lanes following a rise in cycle collisions, despite not being involved a single one. 

A report on a trial of motorcycles sharing bus lanes with cycles in Ealing, London, says: “Whilst there were no direct collisions between a motorcycle and a pedal cycle, it is suggested that there must be a causal link given that the only change between the data-sets was the motorcycle experiment.”

It adds: “The most likely reason for the increase [in cycle collisions] is that cyclists are riding closer to the kerb (because of motorcycles passing fast and close), making them less visible to other road users.”

As a result motorcyclists face being banned from the borough’s bus lanes by summer.

Read more on this in MCN, on sale January 19.

Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell