Gear up for Ride to Work Day

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With petrol prices and train fares rising, and the constant threat of tube strikes, riding a motorbike or scooter to work has never looked like a better option.

So on June 20, every motorcyclist in Britain should be out on two wheels, showing what makes it such a great way to commute.

As well as showing the benefits of riding to the individual commuter, the MCI will be using Ride to Work Day to demonstrate how much better everybody’s lives would be if more people rode to work more often. Steve Kenward, MCI CEO said “More motorcycles on the road would benefit everyone, with less congestion, less pollution and less crowding on public transport.

“The more riders who sign up and take part in Ride to Work Day, the more we get the message across, about the benefits of commuting by motorcycle or scooter.  This makes the case all the stronger for motorcycling as a central part of the transport mix.”

The Motorcycle Industry’s Get On campaign will also be using the day to encourage new riders to make motorcycling part of their daily routine, and to show non-riders what they’re missing.

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