"Our kids ride bikes and we're proud"

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Proud parents have hit back after a road safety charity said it was irresponsible to buy children motorcycles.

The influential charity Brake last week told a national newspaper: “Junior motorbikes are powerful machines that can and do seriously injure those who use them.

“For this reason they are totally inappropriate for children and we urge all parents to acknowledge this.

“Giving one as a gift is hardly responsible.” Parents have responded by sending comments and pictures of their children riding to MCN.

Simon Turner, whose seven-year-old son is pictured riding his mini moto, wrote: ‘He always wears the right protective gear and has a healthy respect for the machinery he rides. He’s polite and well-spoken, cool-headed and most of all he enjoys what he does.

‘With proper guidance and the right people there is so much our kids can get out of riding bikes.’

Brake’s comments appeared in a Daily Mirror gossip column about glamour model Katie Price buying a Yamaha PW50 child’s motocross bike for her six-year-old son Junior.

Sam Snaith from Wellington, Shropshire, wrote to MCN: ‘Good girl Katie Price. I’ve never been a fan of celebrity culture but she has just gone up in my estimation. Why shouldn’t she buy her son a motorbike?

‘I also bought my six-year-old a twist-and-go crosser for Christmas when he was six. I spent as much on his boots, helmet, gloves and body armour and I’m sure Miss Price has done the same.

‘The earlier you can get them riding, the faster they develop the skills to become proficient.’

Are you the proud parent of kids who ride motorcycles? Email your pictures and comments, including a contact phone number, to steve.farrell@motorcyclenews for an MCN feature.

Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell