Columnist’s second call for motorcycle ban

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A newspaper columnist has written his second article calling for motorcycles to be banned.

Hugh Curran appears to relish having angered motorcyclists with the first column, which said they should be banned on safety grounds. His follow-up says: ‘Motorcyclists were unconvinced and angry. They were angry across the United States, Canada, Ireland, England and Australia.’

The motoring columnist for US daily newspaper Sun Sentinel claims: ‘It’s still time to ban the motorcycle.’

Curran has also complained directly to MCN about our story on his first piece, in which we revealed one of his readers had posted a comment under the column calling him ‘fatty pants’.

Curran emailed: ‘How in the world did Steve Farrell warrant a by-line by simply mentioning that I wrote a column, and then running a reaction to it calling me fat rather than responding to the points in the column?’

The response in question said: ‘Now Hugh, I’ve seen your photo, and let’s face it, you’re a fatty pants. Your cholesterol level is much more likely to end up costing the public money than all motorcyclists combined.’

Responses to his latest column include ‘You’re still an idiot’ and ‘You are an idiot.’

An MCN reader added: ‘I think he’s a fat s**t.’


Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell