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Aprilia RS4 125

The RS4 125 took over from the legendary RS125 in 2011, bringing four-stroke reliability to Aprilia’s 125cc sportsbikes for the first time. While many lamented the demise of the barking two-stroke that, amongst many, helped kickstart Casey Stoner’s racing career, few would miss its questionable reliability, thirst for oil and petrol and occasional irritating habit of eating pistons…

Unashamedly styled to look like the firm’s RSV4 superbike, the RS4 uses a four-valve DOHC four-stroke engine with fuel injection and a six-speed gearbox. Producing an A1 licence legal 15bhp the Aprilia can’t be derestricted like the stroker and so what you see is what you get – a good-looking learner bike that is surprisingly agile.

Like the Yamaha YZF-R125 the RS4 is quite a physically big bike, making it comfortable for new riders, while the chassis with its four-piston radial brake, inverted forks and polished aluminum look gives it more than a hint of sporting ability. You can throw the RS4 around and genuinely get quite a turn of pace through the bends, something that makes it remarkably good fun to ride.

Like any A1 licence compliant bike the RS4’s look promises more than the 125cc engine can deliver when it comes to performance, however when you are 17 and trying to impress your mates, first impressions count and the Aprilia looks a million dollars. It may be unlikely to build up the same kind of bad boy reputation as the RS125, but the RS4 is a considerably easier machine to ride and with a used 2011 bike costing around £3k it isn’t bad value.

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Yamaha YZF-R125
Yamaha’s 125 brought good-looking four-stroke reliability to the UK in 2008. Since this time it has become consistently one of the best-selling bikes in the UK thanks to its ‘big bike’ style and reliable motor. Used prices start at £1,500 for an early bike, making it cheap to buy a well as run.

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Honda CBR125R
The original CBR125 can hardly be described as a looker, but it is functional, reliable and plentiful and with prices for a tatty 2007 model starting at £800 you can’t really moan too much. Physically smaller than the Yamaha and Aprilia, the Honda does feel a bit like a toy. The updated 2011 bike is a far better buy but costs in the £2,500 area.

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