Motorcycles welcomed at Goodwood Breakfast club for first time

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Motorcycles are invited to attend the Goodwood Breakfast Club for the first time in the nine years the events have been running as part of a Vee-Power Sunday; but only those with V-engine configurations.

The list of bikes open to attend includes all those with V-twin motors, V4s, V3s like the Honda NSR400 and even the new Horex VR6 qualifies.

The Goodwood Breakfast Clubs have so far been open only to cars but the Vee Power Sunday on November 2 will see bikes mixing with exotic cars for the first time.

The dedicated and detailed Goodwood Breakfast Club website has regular updates on each monthly theme, and for 2014 visitors must pre-register online at ( to have a chance of their theme-relevant vehicle being displayed on the circuit.

A full list of the 2014 Goodwood Breakfast Club dates will be issued on the website soon.

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