MV Dragster 800 caught ‘in the wild’

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Last week the marketing department at MV Agusta released thefirst official teaser video of the new Dragster 800, accompanied by the tag line ‘Adrenaline Addicts Only’.  Showing only blurred glances and fast cuts of the metal – in-between scenery shots and rider close-ups –  it would have been tricky for any viewer to form an opinion either way as to how its Brutale/Rivale based architecture would finally look ‘in the metal’.

All this changed yesterday, when an Italian website – – published what is believed to be the most detailed look yet at the new, aggressively styled, triple from the Varese factory.

Alongside a screenshot from another video (the original of which has since been removed from the website where it first appeared) we can clearly see a lower, more forward-leaning riding position, as well as handlebar mounted mirrors and a distinctive, ‘chopped’ tail, leaving only a tiny seat-pad for brave pillions.

Take a look for yourself here:

The launch of the new Dragster is still a fortnight away, with MCN’s full first test report appearing in the February 12th edition.

Steve Hunt

By Steve Hunt