US-made electric bikes from Brammo to hit the UK

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American electric motorcycle manufacturer Brammo have announced a UK distribution agreement that will see its full range of bikes being made available to UK customers for the first time.

Its nearest rival in the US – Zero Motorcycles – had been trading in the UK until October 2013, when it announced that it was to withdraw immediately from the UK market, citing the lack of government, incentive support for any form of electric motorcycle vehicles. For electric and certain hybrid cars in the UK, purchasers can receive up-to £5000 in government grants to encourage take-up, whereas electric motorcycles aren’t eligible for any purchase grant.

Brammo – based out of Oregon – feel that they can be successful in the UK market however and have teamed up with its UK subsidiary GoinGreen to exclusively bring the Empulse, Emplulse R and Enertia range of bikes to the UK.

Official news has yet to be published on the website for GoinGreen but full details of the latest Brammo bikes can be found on

Steve Hunt

By Steve Hunt