UK law change set to allow isle of Man-style road racing

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A visit this afternoon to the headquarters of the Williams F1 team from Prime Minister David Cameron will be used to confirm that an amendment to the new Deregulation Bill will give local councils the ability to grant road closing orders for motorsports events.

The government, who launched a consultation on the idea earlier this year, are expected to hand off the powers in an act that could become law before the year is out. Currently, road closing orders must be issued by a specific act of the full Parliament.

The step could bring motorbike road racing to the mainland UK, similar to what is currently allowed in Ireland and Northern Ireland as well as the Isle of Man, and could be an important step forward for the Isle of Man TT organisers’ plans for a TT World Series.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said local authorities would be obliged to consult with local people prior to the granting of any closures.

“We have seen in recent years a great number of successful sporting events here in the UK, of various sizes,” the spokesman said. “Alongside that I think this country has a long tradition of engineering excellence, particularly in motor sport.”

Simon Patterson

By Simon Patterson

MotoGP and road racing reporter, photographer, videographer