What is Britain’s best-loved bike?

MCN is compiling a list of the UK’s favourite 50 machines and we want to know what you think! 

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What is your favourite bike of all time? Is it your first machine after passing your test, the bike that you were on during your best-ever ride or the faithful workhorse that never let you down? Please let us know.

We’re on a quest to find Britain’s no.1 motorcycle of the last 30-odd years and would love to hear your tales about your best bikes. 

So to nominate your bike, please vote in the poll below. We’ve narrowed the choice down to 50 of the greatest bikes of the last three decades and this is your opportunity pay tribute to your fave machine.

Also, for your bike and memories to be featured in MCN, email matt.wildee@motorcyclenews.com and tell us just why it is your favourite. And please include pics if you can!