Revealed: the world's keenest learner!

When Asad Mirza, 36, decided he wanted to take his riding up a notch, he discovered a problem: despite his native India having a population of one billion people, not one of them is an advanced riding instructor. Unwilling to give up, Asad looked further afield and discovered that Britain is awash with instructors: “Eventually I found the Rapid Training website, which had the most detail about riding and the highest qualified coaches, so I rang up and booked myself on,” says Asad.

“They asked what levels of their Roadmaster course I wanted to do, and I said ‘all of them!’. If I’m going to fly all the way from India, it needs to be worth my while.”

And Asad did just that, spending six days getting one-to-one coaching, riding a hired Multistrada 1260S around England and Wales.

“The course was fantastic,” says Asad, who has a Multistrada of his own as well as a Fireblade back home in Mumbai. 

“In India 99% of motorcyclists haven’t learned how to ride in a school. Most of us just get a bike and go. But I wanted to ride like I saw people riding in Ducati or BMW adverts. 

“When you first get on a bike as a kid you get a few tips from experienced riders, and that’s useful, but to have an expert teaching you for eight hours a day, for six days… that makes a lot of difference. 

“You can imagine how much I have improved. I am sure my riding friends in India will be shocked.”