French fancies: Parisian dealer teams up with custom house for limited-run Scout Bobber Sixty range

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Meet the Indian Neon Scout Bobber Sixty series – a design collaboration between custom house Tank Machine and Parisian dealer Indian Étoile, inspired by Nascar racing liveries.

Costing around £17,560 after tax, the three bikes are a pinch over £5200 more than a standard Indian Scout Bobber in the UK and feature a raft of cosmetic tweaks, including revised handlebars with bar end mirrors and integrated indicators. For a little extra pep, there’s also a Trask air filter kit, Supertrapp exhaust and (of course) the go-faster paint jobs.

“I really wanted to imagine some intense colour and work on a new line that would redraw the Indian Scout’s tank,” designer Clement Molina said in a statement. “It is a bold choice because I decided to integrate Fluro colours to achieve this. I did not want this series to just be another build among others, the intention really was to start a new trend.”

Away from the liveries, other modifications also include a new number plate holder, plus a fresh taillight and new Avon tyres. Neat Tank Machine logos can also be found within elements of the paintwork.

“While selecting the colour mixes to present to Indian Étoile, I immediately hooked on three schemes but found it impossible to make a choice of just one,” Molina continued.

“We chose the Scout Bobber Sixty in order to have a purified base for the modifications we were going to make, and once the colour schemes were set, we set about choosing and developing a range of accessories to really pull the project together.”

Interested? Bikes are now available – but only through Indian Étoile, in France. If you’d like to know more, they can be contacted at

Dan Sutherland

By Dan Sutherland

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