Greater Manchester Police offer fresh security warning as six mopeds recovered in Stockport

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Police officers in Greater Manchester have offered a fresh security warning to motorcycle and scooter owners, in a bid to help further reduce the number of vehicles stolen in the area.

“The MO of these types of offences are always very similar – the offenders are generally arriving on two mopeds, cutting any locks with battery powered angle grinders or bolt cutters then snapping the steering lock,” Sergeant Matt Tarr, of the Stockport Neighbourhood Team told MCN earlier this week.

“Once the steering lock is broken, they push the bike or moped away with other mopeds. Generally, they will hot wire the bike so they can use it in further crime,” Sgt Tarr continued.

“Therefore, the need for thick bike chains and disc locks are essential. As without them bikes or mopeds can be stolen in seconds.”

Motorcycle security chain, cut by thieves

The warnings come following the recovery of six stolen mopeds in Stockport across one week in late June, which also lead to 10 arrests – eight of which were aged between 15 and 17-years-old.

The positive action comes as part of a crackdown on moped related crime, with Greater Manchester Police said to be using covert tactics and specialist officers to tackle the issue.

As such, the force reported a 7% decline in robbery and 37% drop in vehicle crime in the area between April 1 and June 18 of this year.

“We are really pleased that the work we are doing to tackle robberies and thefts is continuing to see positive results, and that we are still seeing reductions in overall offending, despite this recent series over the last couple of weeks,” Tarr said at the time.

“We know that these offenders are primarily operating in groups, cowardly outnumbering victims, threatening them to steal their prized possessions.”

Of the ten arrested, eight remain on strict police bail conditions. All of the mopeds have been returned to their respective insurance companies and are now likely to be scrapped, due to the damage sustained.