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The new Deauville really is proving to be a cracking little bike, it’s a lot better than the old model and now I’ve got a top-box fitted it’s ready for some serious miles.

I got a chance to ride the old and new Deauvilles back to back for an upcoming MCN article yesterday and the new bike really is massively better.

Honda got it just right, taking everything that was good about the old bike and polishing it up to bring it up to date and take away all the niggles.
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It’s more comfy, it’s better at distance, it looks nicer, it has a better finish, the breaks are better, it’s more stable at speed. The list could go on, but most important of all is that apart from the noticeable improvement in power the ride and handling, which were always good on the old bike, are almost unchanged.

I’ve fitted a new Givi top-box to go with the built in panniers so I’ve got enough space for a week’s luggage. Kind of handy considering I’m off to the north of Scotland next week with a pillion.

The fitting was incredibly easy, taking only half an hour and needing just the tools that were in the under-seat kit. But annoyingly it did involve drilling two holes in the plastic cover on the rack.

The holes were marked on the Honda item already so presumably it would be the same to fit a Honda box. Couldn’t they just make it so the holes were already there? It always worries me drilling in to my bike.

I’ll let you know how it copes with two-up touring when I get back.
Deaville supplied by Fowlers of Bristol

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff