5 bikes that deserve a comeback

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The current range of new motorcycles is wide and varied, but there are still some niches not being satisfied. Here’s 5 used bikes, no longer in production, that deliver something unique and not offered in the 2010 manufacturer catalogues.

For example, whatever happened to the idea of a road-focused middleweight sportsbike, with thrilling performance yet good ergonomics and a flexible motor? If you want a sportsbike for the real world, you have to look back at bikes like the Honda CBR600F and Yamaha TRX850.

Plus why don’t Triumph slot their amazing 1050cc three-cylinder engine into a supersports machine? We’d love to see a Daytona 1050- a remake of the Triumph Daytona 955i.

How about a high-spec sports machine with style and class that’s aimed at new riders? If only Ducati would make a new and improved 620 Sport with the Monster 696 engine and modern Ducati build quality… or Yamaha could rethink the quirky MT-03 and put that punchy 660cc single into a sportsbike chassis instead, like they did with the SZR660.

What other bikes would you like to see brought back to life? Please let us know by commenting on this article.

Five bikes that deserve a relaunch: 

Honda CBR600F

Honda CBR600F (2000-2007)
Fully-adjustable suspension, sweet handling and a usable spread of power compared to modern 600’s make the CBR600F a great sportsbike for the road. Plus Honda threw in a decent riding position, a big dual seat and a centre stand, so it’s also a 2-up sports tourer and commuter. It’s no surprise they hold their value well.


Yamaha TRX850

Yamaha TRX850 (1996-2000)
The TRX850 is an 850cc Japanese parallel twin that thinks it’s Italian. The trellis frame is a nod to Ducati and the bike’s 270 degree crank gives the motor the feel of a grunty v-twin. The TRX850 has lots of character and sporty yet road-biased handling. Wind protection is ok too, but it’s not well-suited to carrying pillions.


Triumph Daytona 955i

Triumph Daytona 955i (1997-2006)
The 955i could never really compete with the lighter/faster competition in pure performance terms, but it was still a very quick bike on UK roads and comfy enough for some touring. The Triumph three-cylinder engine offers a character and originality that can’t be matched by a generic Japanese inline four.


Yamaha SZR660

Yamaha SZR660 (1996-2001)
The SZR660 is something very different from the norm- a 660cc single squeezed into a Yamaha TZR deltabox chassis. Handling is great, but looks divide opinion. It only makes 47bhp so it’s very unintimidating for new riders, while still being sporty and great fun to hussle down a twisty B road on a wave of big-single low-down grunt.


Ducati 620 Sport

Ducati 620 Sport (2002-2003)
A stylish entry-level Ducati for those who want a bike that’s more sporty than the Monster. It handles well and the engine has retro Ducati character, but unfortunately the 620 Sport has retro Ducati build quality too. A Suzuki SV650S makes more sense, but it’s not a Ducati.


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James Keen

By James Keen