Video: Aprilia RSV4 ridden on the road

The stunning new Aprilia RSV4 superbike is ridden on the road for the first time in a 415-mile trip from the Aprilia factory to Cannes and Monaco. Watch the video to see how it got on – is it as good on road as it is on track?   

MCN road tester Michael Neeves threw everything at the RSV4 – wet motorway miles, town work and hard scratching on the amazing roads in Southern France. “Near Cannes it’s dry and sunny, so I finally get to lean the RSV4 over after 374 miles of riding. 

“The Aprilia is glorious. It’s agile, grippy and the brakes are incredible. I love the looks, the engineering, the noise, aggression and attitude.”

For the full report on how the RSV4 performs on real roads, see this week’s issue of MCN, on sale May 6.


James Keen

By James Keen