Enfield Fury first ride - 'More like slightly miffed…'

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It might look slightly odd, wrapping a worthy old Royal Enfield in US flat-track clothing, but there’s genuine history here. But whether the new Fury credibly delivers that character and history is a different matter…  

The Fury has a clean-running, gutsy lump full of character and is a big piece of an Enfield’s old school charm. But this engine only gives up a claimed 28bhp and 30ft-lb of torque. And so the bike is slightly miffed rather than delivering full fury.

The 1-2 chromed exhaust system by Brituro Silencers Ltd delivers a bloated belly grumble at tick-over to a likeable growl at around the 60mph mark, and all this from an approved system!

The remainder of the Fury package centres on styling. The fibreglass flat-track seat looks to be a flat, thinly padded bed of pain and feels like it with both feet flat on the deck because the sides of the seat unit dig into inner thighs. But with booted feet firmly placed on the slightly rearset pegs, no butt pain came into it during a 60-mile ride – mainly because of the western-style one-piece handlebars.

Read the full Enfield Fury first ride in this week’s MCN, on sale Wednesday 29 December 2010.

Trevor Franklin

By Trevor Franklin