Long-term test: Triumph Bonneville T100

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During my time with the Triumph Bonneville T100, MCN readers with Bonnies have strongly recommended uprating the rear suspension.

The original shocks weren’t bad, but there is always room for improvement so I tried a pair of Progressive Suspension 444 series shocks (£565.99 from www.mageurope.net).

It only took 15 minutes to fit them and setting the preload was easy as it’s done by hand. It only took one ride on the bike to feel the difference, with the back end more refined and able to iron out the slightest of bumps. The shocks really come into their own over bigger bumps – the spring flattens them with ease and the damping takes care of the rest.

Cornering is improved and the bike feels very confident and predictable at all times, which is impressive as the Bonneville is not exactly a lightweight, and improve the looks too as all the parts are black and fit right in with this Bonneville Black model.

Progressive Suspension also offer replacement progressive rate fork springs for the Bonnie, though it’s going to be tight on time to get them fitted for a test ride before the time comes to send the bike back to Triumph.

Simon Relph

By Simon Relph

MCN Senior Designer - loves bikes old and new, from building them to riding them on and off road