2002 Triumph Sprint and ST revealed

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Triumph has slotted a version of its 147bhp Daytona 955i motor into the 2002 Sprint ST and Sprint RS for 2002.

The engine is identical to the one also used in the new Speed Triple, revealed previously on motorcyclenews.com. That means it has been detuned, but Triumph claims it still makes an ample 118bhp.

It means the both the ST and RS will make 10bhp more than the current models. And almost no torque has been sacrificed, with the new bikes making a claimed 74ftlb – just 1ftlb less than the Daytona. It puts both new bikes 3ftlb up on their predecessors.

The power boost has been achieved with the help of a larger airbox and a new closed-loop fuel injection system. The fuel injectors have been made smaller and more efficient, and feature an oxygen sensor which constantly measures and adjusts the fuel/air mixture to optimise performance at all engine speeds. The injection mapping has also been altered to help achieve higher mid-range torque.

The new engine also features 1mm larger inlet valves and 1mm smaller exhaust valves, set at a narrower angle to improve gas flow.

Weight has been cut by 2.5kg (5.5lb), thanks to new die-cast crankcases shared with the Daytona which are both stronger and lighter than the old items. The result is that the ST now weighs 207kg (455lb), while the RS tips the scales at 199kg (437lb).

The frames on both bikes are unchanged and the ST retains its innovative two-position exhaust, either fixed high for added cornering clearance or low to allow room for panniers.

The ST will come in red, blue or British racing green and the RS will come in black and a new yellow hue.

Both bikes are expected to arrive in showrooms by the end of the month. The RS should cost £7500 and the ST is likely to go on sale for around £8500.

Triumph has also revealed it is adding a yellow paint job to the blue and silver already offered on the 955i, the Trophy 1200 will come in a new emerald green or blue and the Bonneville will come in blue/silver as well as the current red/silver or green/silver.

The Thunderbird will also get new colours, red/white and silver/black.

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By MCN Staff