Honda concepts at Milan

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Honda has shown its mad scooter-come-bike concepts for the first time outside Japan at the Milan bike show.

As well as its new range of bikes launched at the Paris bike show Honda brought along the concept bikes that it launched in Japan last month, and they’re pretty impressive.

The E4-01 looks like a sooter but comes with an 903cc engine, single-sided swingarm and a innovative screen design that is meant to create a wind sheild from the wind itself by forcing air directly upwards to make a kind of air curtain in front of the rider.

It also gets a clear display panel that boasts built in sat-nav, a boot that opens and closes at the touch of a button with room for two lids, and of course an airbag under the bars.

The DN-01 is more bike-like than the E4-01 and is billed as a “sports cruiser”. It still has a scooter style automatic transmission but it can be switched in to a sports mode which allows you to select the gears yourself with up and down buttons on the left bar.

Both concepts were shown alongside videos of them riding round tracks, proving that they are proper working concepts, not just static mock-ups. Click the links below to see video of them on the stands and video of the DN-01 being ridden.

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