300mph bullet bike

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A stream-lined prototype being shown at the Geneva Motor Show this week is claimed to be capable of more than 300mph – and when cruising at 110mph turns in better fuel consumption figures than the latest small diesel cars.

Powered by a turbo-charged Hayabusa engine, the makers reckon it’ll take you from (hold on to your lunch!) 180mph to 280mph in 10 seconds.
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The Acabion GTBO is a prototype all-enclosed bullet of a bike in the Ecomobile tradition – with outriggers for those awkward stuck-in-traffic moments. But the firm’s website (click here) seems serious about selling them. We’re waiting to hear from them with how much they will cost and when a working example will be available.

The makers claim a total weight of 359kg and 360bhp and that it will achieve an electronically limited 280 mph with just 50% of its engine power.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff