A tale of woe with a Fireblade

I was fed up with working on the daughters mini, (an ongoing project, four years on)” I will nip over to your brothers for that paperwork you want luv”.

Barnsley to Rochdale over the tops what a blast. On with the kit, new two piece leathers, out of the garage with my mint 2001 HM Plant 929 Blade vroom she never fails,” What could go wrong”?

Aha steady warm up to Holmfirth then give it big licks up and over Saddleworth moor, Sunday afternoon in early September, two cars climbing up to the summit soon dispached “What is better in life” “Sex” !! “Car driver”.

Thirty through the villages I.A.M. training speed in the appropriate place. All too soon I am heading down hill to Newhay and the M62, downhill being a bas*rd of a road, poor surface and very sharp bends so sensible speeds.

Then “oh bloody hell what’s that?” as I round a bend.

I heard my Clavicle snap, the usual with blunt trauma, but I also heard my beautifull blade skidding off down the road, “Ah its got DHMs on brill”.

According to the people just passing as I hit the deck the “What’s that?” was a large Doe, which they had been whatching pounding across the fields. She jumped straight over the Shogun and into my path as I rounded the second to last bend from the valley floor, timming eh?

Mr Plod and the Paramedics were excellant. Iam sure they will never see this but “Thanks to everyone who helped me and my blade, I realy appreciate it”.

One of the four Paramedics that turned up told me he had picked the blade up and fired her up, “Only superficial scratches” good them crash bungs.

Off I go to Oldham General loaded with Morphine, ” Can you buy that stuff any where wheeeeeey!”.

After a few hours my better half and my son turned up to see me, I do hope they didn’t want a conversation or sensible answers. Xrays and a talk to the night surgeon confirmed Collar bone fracture, one brocken rib and one fractured rib. Now I know why I couldnt breath and being on my back was agony.

So the day after it was a trip to Barnsley Fracture Clinic, more Xrays and another surgeon who confirms earlier Xrays but with another fractured rib and a possible fractured shoulder.

A week later it was a talk to the consultant and his team, more Xrays and “What shall we do, you have the option of surgery, or we leave it to heal naturally. It may be alright in six to eight weeks”?

“Iam self employed, I will have the surgery”. there are possible problems with Clavicle surgery, O.R.I.F. (Open Reduction internal fixture). The bone is so close to the surface that there may be problems with infection, nerve damage, excesive bleeding and a large scar. Bring it on.

Tuesday they tried twice to fit me in to the theatre, but failed. Wednesday was the day then, wait all day then 3:30pm away we go. The anaesthetists were all talking asking questions to keep me occupied whilst the lines went in the back of my hand.

“Oh hello, yes I can hear you” all done and back on the High Dependancy Ward, which means everytime the nurses see you asleep they wake you up to take your blood preasure and heartrate.

Six weeks later the Consultanyt says “Lift you arm up please” “ERR, I cant” ” Why not, have you done the exercises I gave you”? “I have tried but my arm wont work, back to the Xrays, oops seems someone missed my Fractured Scapula, remember ten minutes ago?

So now intensive physio for my very stiff and painfull shoulder. Meanwhile back at the ranch. “hello Mr Engineer whats happening with the blade?” Apparently there was damage to the swinginarm, £1,200 from Mr Honda, bloody hell, so written off.

Anyway heres the cheque, there it goes, yeeha new blade 5700 on the clock mint 2004 white red and blue.

I only need my bloody arm back working to be in heaven again. It could happen to anyone luv Parki.

Wayne Parkinson

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By Wayne Parkinson