NEC Show: World’s first electric superbike unveiled

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This is the first prototype of the world’s first electric road legal bike.

The TTX01 has been unveiled at the 2008 NEC Bike Show by a team of British engineers and is due to go in to production in limited numbers next year.

It has been designed to take part in the world’s first emissions-free grand prix for motorbikes on the Isle of Man’s TT road circuit next year. 

Its performance is therefore far from shabby. It will achieve 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 125mph – enough to give most road bikes a run for their money.

It operates on two battery powered- electric motors producing about 86bhp. It uses a Suzuki GSX750 chassis and running gear, but the full production model will be made from lightweight carbon composite materials.

It is expected to cost around £20,000.

Laura Kennerley

By Laura Kennerley