BMW S1000RR: the wait is almost over

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This week MCN tests BMW‘s long-awaited S1000RR superbike – and boy has it been a long time coming.

In 24 hours we’ll tell you if it’s been worth the wait. In the meantimes, here’s how the story unfolded:


27 November 2007: BMW’s WSB challenge revealed

Exclusive spy shots show a BMW rider track testing an unmarked bike in Spain. Keen to keep the bike under wraps, the test mule is kitted out with Yamaha R6 bodywork, hinting at the new bike’s small dimensions.


29 October 2008: Near completion

Nearly a year on and first indication of project S1000RR nearing completion comes from spy shots of a bike in production spec bodywork with bizarre angle-cheating decals. F1 god Michael Schumacher crashes one at the Albacete circuit test.


1 April 2009: Finished S1000RR finally seen

BMW finally releases pictures of the finished S1000RR superbike – although only one side-on view is leaked – along with some tantalising technical details including 175bhp, 183kg dry weight, ABS, traction control and a high-tech camshaft. 


9 May 2009: S1000RR finally unveiled

BMW officially reveal the new S1000RR at the Monza WSB round in Italy with news that the bike makes a whopping 193bhp and is set to feature four-stage ABS and race-derived traction control. 

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