Yamaha reveal futuristic electric scooter

Yamaha have unveiled two electric concept scooters, the EC-F and the EC-Fs, at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Described by Yamaha as “electric commuter vehicles”, they are far more ambitious in design than BMW and Honda’s offerings, the C1-E Concept and the EV-Cub Concept.

Yamaha have not yet issued a release date for the lightweight aluminium scooters. The Japanese marque also remains tight lipped about specific technical details, but it is likely that the electric engine will be mounted on the hub.
A Yamaha press release says:

“Because it doesn’t need exhaust parts, there is much greater freedom of design. This avant-garde concept model is based on that concept and features a bold design and sculptural design. Its organic and dynamic form makes it look like modern pop art. Cool, no?”
The scooter’s innovative styling has split opinion on internet forums, with many likening the EC-Fs to the Xbox 360. One forum member added that they were ‘perfect for amputees who don’t have those pesky legs to deal with.’ 

As well as the space-age EC-F and EC-Fs, Yamaha’s other electric scooter is the EC-03. Billed by Yamaha as ‘Light, Smart, Clean and Silent,’ its 0.6kWh electric motor – equivalent to 50cc – is powered by a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged from a regular plug socket.

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Luke FitzGerald

By Luke FitzGerald