2011 Motoczysz E1PC – M1cha3l Rutt3r's 200bhp digital watch

This is the bike Michael Rutter wil ride in this year’s electric TT, though if MotoCzysz had it their way no doubt it would be the Digital TT. Because what with all the over-promising and under-delivering the word ‘electric’ has kind of lost its caché in connection with motorcycling. MotoCzysz are going all-in with ‘d1g1tal’ – like ‘digital’ but even cooler. To emphasise the point the new bike even has a d1g1tal display on its side so you know when it’s on and possibly what time it is.

It features a ‘10,000+rpm, 200bhp+’ d1g1tal dr1ve featuring a gear dr1ven primary, 1mproved 1ntegrated cool1ng circu1t and 1mprovement 1n overall effic1ency over last year’s b1ke, wh1ch h1t 135mph along Sulby stra1ght on 1ts way to a 98.973mph average lap. (W1ll we ever t1re of th1s cool new way of sp3ll1ng?). The bike’s batteries come from new partner Dow Koka, a manufacturer of advanced lithium polymer batteries. (Oh, we did.)

Guy Procter

By Guy Procter