The bargain battle! Affordable naked middleweights put to the test

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What will £100 get you nowadays? Certainly not as much as it used to. A full tank of fuel in a family car may leave you a bit of change, a meal out for four will probably break the budget, two weekend tickets to BSB should leave you enough for an over-priced burger to share, and if you stay at home that’s a monthly BT Sport subscription for MotoGP, a takeaway curry and a few beers for you and a mate.

Or, if you want, it could also equate to opening your garage door and seeing one of these four bikes waiting for you to take it out for a ride. Yes, really…

Stopped in a lay by on four naked motorcycles to chat

Yep, stick down a deposit of £1400 and on a three-year PCP deal you could have the key to Honda’s new Hornet, Suzuki’s new GSX-8S, Yamaha’s updated MT-07 or the Triumph Trident 660 for around £100 a month.

Traditionally one of the best selling classes of bikes, 2023 sees big-hitters Suzuki and Honda step back into the naked middleweight ring. Having seen the popularity of Yamaha’s MT-07, both firms have gone back to the drawing board and created ground-up new models that, like the Yamaha, are powered by parallel twin engines rather than the traditional Japanese inline four.

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