Honda confirm NT1100 release for October 21

Honda have released a teaser video for the upcoming NT1100 that confirms its release as October 21.

The video is titled ‘New Touring Era’ and shows standard teaser video stuff – handsome couple riding impossibly empty roads to classical music. It does confirm a few bits about the bike though, as well as reveal some new details.

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For a start it confirms Honda’s intention that this bike be a tourer although quite which side of the touring spectrum it will fall is unclear.

The full luggage and big screen seems to suggest a rival to BMW’s all conquering R1250RT but the shape and size suggest something more akin to the ever popular Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX.

The bike is based on the Africa Twin, sharing the same 1100cc parallel twin engine but it’s clear there’s a few other carry overs, including the two-part TFT dash and DCT option.

As Honda have signalled, we’ll get the full story in just under two weeks although we might have to wait a lot longer for the price, which will be key to its success. Watch this space!

Honda NT1100 confirmed: Africa Twin based sports tourer appears in approval documents

First published 20 August 2021 by Ben Purvis

A new Africa Twin powered sports tourer looks set to arrive soon

Honda’s CRF1100L Africa Twin has already spawned an unusual spin-off in the form of the CMX1100 Rebel cruiser but for 2022 it’s getting a more logical sibling in the form of the new NT1100 sports tourer.

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A parallel twin, Africa Twin powered street bike has been rumoured for months, and the NT1100 name was trademarked earlier this year, but now we’ve got absolute evidence in the form of the European type-approval of two versions – the NT1100A and NT1100D – including details like power, weight and physical dimensions.

Despite a very different appearance and technical spec, the NT1100 arguably steps into the large shoes of the VFR800 as Honda’s main middleweight sports-tourer, although in line with the recent trend towards taller, more adventure-style models, its dimensions are close to those of the VFR800X Crossrunner.

Honda opted not to update the two VFRs to Euro5 emissions compliance, and as a result the Crossrunner is already dead and the VFR800 will follow it soon. The NT1100 will fill the gap they leave.

Honda NT1100 front CG render by Auto-By

Both the NT1100A and NT1100D use the 1084cc parallel twin in 101hp Africa Twin spec rather than the detuned version seen in the Rebel 1100. That power is on a par with the VFR but comes nearly 3000rpm lower, at 7500rpm, and is backed up by 77lbft of torque – 20-lbft more than the VFR can muster.

The NT1100A will be the base model, with a manual transmission and dimensions similar to the Crossrunner. Its 1535mm wheelbase and 2240mm overall length are fractionally longer than the Crossrunner, but the 865mm width and 1360mm height to the top of the screen are virtually identical.

At 238kg wet, it’s 4kg lighter than the Crossrunner or VFR800. The NT1100D shares the same measurements apart from the height, at 1575mm suggesting a much taller screen, and weight; it’s 10kg heavier at 248kg because it uses Honda’s DCT semi-auto gearbox.

Honda NT1100 right side CG render by Auto-By

Honda has previously filed patents for a streetbike-style chassis around the Africa Twin engine, with a trellis-style front section and a cast alloy swingarm pivot, which may be used on the NT1100.

In terms of styling, the bike is said to have a nose that’s reminiscent of the X-ADV adventure-scooter, as depicted in the mock-up image shown here, which was created by Japanese magazine Auto-By based on leaked information about the NT’s appearance.

There’s been no public confirmation from Honda about the new bike but we’d expect them to unveil it later this year to hit dealers by next spring. 

Honda CB1100X sports tourer on the horizon

First published 10 December 2020 by Jordan Gibbons

Honda CB1100X render

Sources in Japan have confirmed that Honda are working on a sports tourer that will be powered by the engine from the Africa Twin.

Sales of sports tourers have been on the wane but adventure styled sport tourers, such as BMW’s XRs and Yamaha’s Tracers have boosted the segment, and Honda are keen to get in on the action.

If you’re looking at the render and thinking it looks strangely familiar then you’re right. Honda first showed a concept called the CB4X this time last year, powered by the engine from the CB650R.

That concept came from Honda’s R&D centre in Rome, which has penned numerous concepts that have become reality including the reborn Africa Twin, X-ADV and CB1000R. At the time it looked like Honda were going to produce a bike to rival the new Tracer 7, however it now looks like they have bigger ideas.

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The new bike, believed to be called the CB1100X, will use the 1084cc engine from the latest Africa Twin, which has also found a home in the new 1100 Rebel.

This platform engineering, with multiple models based around one engine, enables manufacturers to build an array of machines while keeping costs as low as possible. Honda are no strangers to this, mostly with lower-priced commuter bikes.

As well as bringing more power than the 650 motor, the 1100 engine is also a twin helping to make the chassis much slimmer in the middle. A key element of helping to reduce the stand-over height of the saddle, which is a big concern for this sort of bike. 

There’s been nothing official from Honda but sources suggest the CB1100X will be revealed in late 2021.

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