Mixed bag for McGrath on KTM debut

Supercross legend Jeremy McGrath began his 250cc KTM career in style on Saturday when he aced the opening day of the 2002/03 World Supercross in Pesaro, Italy.

But he failed to reach Sunday’s final after clashing with Honda’s Kyle Lewis in the second moto.

He took a one-two in Saturday’s motos and won the final at a canter. Sunday, too started brightly. McGrath won the first heat, but in the next a mid-air collision with race leader Lewis wrote off his chances and only earned the seven-time AMA champ a trip to hospital. He was discharged after a routine check-up.

Travis Preston picked up the overall win in Pesaro with a 2-1-3 on Saturday and a win on Sunday.

1. Travis Preston, USA, Honda 3-12. Damon Huffman, USA, Honda 2-33. Steve Lamson, USA, Suzuki 5-44. Alessio Chiodi, ITA, Yamaha 4-55. Michele Monti, ITA, Honda 7-66. Peter Bartos, CZE, TM 10-87. Jeremy McGrath, USA, KTM 1-08. Kyle Lewis, USA, Honda 0-29. Serge Guidetty, FRA, Yamaha 6-010. Pierrick Paget, FRA, Honda 7-0Overall 125 After Two Days1. Pascal Leuret, FRA, KTM 2-12. Davide Degli Esposti, ITA, Suzuki 1-23. Luca Cherubini, ITA, Yamaha 5-44. Matteo Zechin, ITA, Honda 6-75. Bader Manneh, USA, KTM 4-12

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff