Isle of Man TT: Tuesday practice

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Despite the threat of blustery conditions, TT practice went without a hitch on Tuesday night with John McGuinness taking the fastest time of the session with a 125.74mph lap on his Formula 1 Yamaha R1.

Adrian Archibald topped the times for the Production class with a 121.85mph average speed, despite coming in to the pits a lap early.

McGuinness again topped the Junior 600 class with 121.25mph and Lightweight class at 109mph, while Bruce Anstey was fastest in the Production 600s with 118.32.

Dave Molyneux and Dan Sayle took their sidecar over the record with a 112.81mph lap but records are not official in practice.

Formula One: John McGuinness (Yamaha) 18:00.2 125.74mph, Ian Lougher (Honda) 18:17.00 123.82mph and Jason Griffiths (Yamaha) 18:40.5 121.22mph.

Lightweight 400cc: John McGuinness (Honda) 20:46.1 109.00mph, Richard Britton (Honda) 20:56.0 108.14mph and Philip Stewart (Yamaha) 21:08.8s 107.05mph.

Ultra Lightweight 125cc: Robert Dunlop (Honda) 20:45.2 109.08mph, Matt Jackson (Honda) 21:31.2 105.20mph and Ian Lougher (Honda) 21:33.00 105.05mph.

Production 1000cc: Bruce Anstey (Suzuki) 18:34.7 121.85mph, Adrian Archibald (Suzuki) 1836.8 121.62mph and Ian Lougher (Honda) 18:41.7 121.09mph.

Junior 600cc: John McGuinness (Yamaha) 18:40.2 121.25mph, Richard Britton (Honda) 1845.3 120.70 and Adrian Archibald (Suzuki) 18:52.7 119.92mph.

Production 600: Bruce Anstey (Suzuki) 19:08.0 118.32mph, Ryan Farquhar (Kawasaki) 19:09.7 118.14mph and Chris Heath (Yamaha) 19:25.4 116.55mph.

Sidecars: Molyneux and Sayle (Honda) 20:04.00 112.81mph, Ian Bell and Craig Hallam (Yamaha) 20:25.3 110.85mph and Roy Hanks and Dave Wells (Yamaha) 21:08.2 107.10mph.

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