Minimotos on Video

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We’ve collected all our favourite minimoto video clips and assembled them below, whether they’re racing, hire bikes or pure comedy.

If you’ve taken any minimoto videos, send them to us and we can share them with the world. Whether it’s your moment of stardom on track or a mishap in the paddock, send it to by clicking here. We’d like to request that all videos are taken at legal minimoto venues only, rather than on pavements and in car parks.

Please try to keep them fairly short, around 30 seconds or less, and at medium resolution. We can accept files in .wmv, .avi, .mpeg, .rm.

A guide to riding the Colne circuit by Mick (External site)

Racing at Racelands, near Edinburgh, Click here. (External link)

Onboard at Racelands, near Edinburgh, Click here (External link)

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff