Crashes at Estoril test

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Testing for many of the top 250cc and 125cc GP teams ended early at Estoril on Friday, February 17, 2006 following a spectacular crash for Red Bull KTM rider Manual Poggiali.

Due to the seriousness of the fall, testing was stopped as Poggiali fell momentarily unconscious as he was transported to the circuit medical centre. He was then moved to a hopsital in Lisbon to undergo a scan.

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Marco Simoncelli also fell but without any injury, while Aprilia test rider Alex Debon underwent reconstructive surgery in hospital in Valencia on his little finger following a crash on the first day of the test.

Fastest rider was Alex de Angelis for the Aspar team with 1:41.7, while in 125cc, Julian SImon headed the field with 1:46.2.

Estoril day three unofficial times:


1. Alex de Angelis (Aspar Team) 1:41.7.

2. Andrea Dovizioso (Humangest Honda) 1:42.1.

3. Yuki Takahashi (Humangest Honda) 1:42.1.

4. Jorge Lorenzo (Fortuna Aprilia) 1:42.5.

5. Hector Barebra (Fortuna aprilia) 142.5.

6. Manuel Poggiali (KTM250) 1:43.2.

7. Marco Simoncelli (Metis Gilera) 1:43.5.

8. Hiroshi Aoyama (KTM250) 1:44.1.

9. Dirk Heidolf (Kiefer BOS) 1:44.2

10. Anthony West (Kiefer BOS) 1:44.9.


1. Julian SImon (Red Bull KTM) 1:46.2.

2. Lukas Pesek (Derbi Racing) 1:46.5.

3. Mika Kallio (Red Bull KTM) 1:46.7.

4. Simone Corsi (Metis Gilera) 1:46.9.

5. Joan Olive (SSM Racing) 1:47.2.

6. Nico Terol (Derbi Racing) 1:48.0.

7. Frederico Sandi (SSM Racing) 1:48.1.

8. Michael Ranseder (Junior Red Bull KTM) 1:48.6.

9. Stefan Bradl (Junior Red Bull KTM) 1:48.6.

10. Gino orsoi (Gilera) 1:49.9.

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