Baz adjusts to MotoGP

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After all the controversy surrounding Loris Baz’s initial MotoGP plans that ended in accusations that he was just too tall for a Honda MotoGP bike, the lanky Frenchman and recent WSB rider for Kawasaki is now adapting his Forward Racing Yamaha to fit him. And vice-versa. “The first change was to adjust the riding position on the bike, the seat and everything, and we are still working on it,” said Baz. “The main thing is just to feel comfortable on the bike. Then we tried little things on the settings to see which direction we have to have to go in and it is going well. I did 73 laps of Jerez on Wednesday.”

Having recently got off what was regarded as one of the two best Superbikes on the whole grid, just a week before heading to Valencia for his first GP test, Baz could make some instant comparisons. Now having a dry day on Wednesday at Jerez to push a little, Baz is finding even more real world differences between the GP and WSB categories. “The main difference is the chassis and the tyres. It is a big difference for the corner speed. You have to carry much more corner speed than on a Superbike. That is more on the style I used to ride, but after three years on Superbikes I have to forget a little bit of this experience and ride a bit like I was before. That is strange.”

Gordon Ritchie

By Gordon Ritchie