Pedrosa: No answers for my crash

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Dani Pedrosa’s comeback from injury was marred by a crash but ultimately he was able to remount and finish the French Grand Prix and prove his fitness. The Spaniard had missed three races due to an arm pump injury but throughout the weekend he eased himself back into action and was able to get faster each day as he grew more comfortable on the bike.

“I don’t have an answer for my crash, I just crashed, I lost the front,” said Pedrosa after the race. “I wasn’t expecting that, but unfortunately it happened. It’s a shame, because I wanted to do a race where in the group I could go maybe with Bradley and Iannone and that. Unfortunately I was alone.

“I could pick up the bike, and the handlebar was totally bent, and the throttle was stuck, so I had to manage the throttle. If I didn’t let off [the throttle return] the gas would keep going. So I had to play with that on top of my situation, but you know I turned a disadvantage into an advantage, and I tried to make the race into a test for the arm, and basically I was running the pace I could in those conditions.”

About his arm Pedrosa commented that was “quite happy with my physical condition, I think still I need to improve a little bit, but I guess in the next weeks with the therapy I have to do, and with a little bit more loose riding, and some more laps, I can get a little better.”

Overall the former 125 and 250cc champion was pleased with his comeback and keen to move onto Mugello where he’ll have more understanding of how the Honda RC213v is performing and be able to have a stronger weekend.

Steve English

By Steve English