Roads: Isle of Man TT record holder Dave Molyneux announces retirement from racing

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Dave Molyneux, the most successful sidecar driver in the history of the Isle of Man TT, has announced his retirement from racing.

The Manx racer made his debut in 1985 and has gone on to accumulate 17 victories and 31 podiums at the TT, with his final podium coming at this year’s event with godson Jake Roberts as his passenger. This year’s podium was Molyneux’s first since 2017, whilst his last victory came in 2014.

An engineer away from the circuit, Molyneux spent plenty of time in his workshop and created his own chassis under the Dave Molyneux Racing banner. He used this ever-evolving chassis until 2019, when he made the switch to LCR, but switched back to his own design in 2022 whilst powered by the 980cc KTM motor.

Dave Molyneux / Jake Roberts - Kawasaki DMR during the Sighting Lap Practice at Union Mills in 2024.

During his career the 60-year-old has enjoyed success in both the Open and F2 eras of sidecar racing, and also used Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki power.

Molyneux’s first finish at the TT came in 1987 when he and Paul Kneale finished 10th, before improving to sixth with Alan Langton the following year. 1989 was the breakthrough event for Molyneux, who bagged his first TT victory alongside Colin Hardman in Race A and then finished third in Race B.

A double victory came alongside Karl Ellison in 1993, with further double successes in 1996 (with Pete Hill), 2004 (with Daniel Sayle), 2007 (with Rick Long) and 2012 (with Patrick Farrance). Molyneux’s final victory came with Farrance in 2014.

“Dave is undoubtedly one of the greatest competitors the TT has ever seen,” Paul Phillips, Head of Motorsport said. “His determination to win has always been matched by his ability to innovate and he has been at the forefront of sidecar racing for decades.

Dave Molyneux and Patrick Farrance (DMR Kawasaki sidecar) celebrate after winning the Sure Mobile Sidecar race two at the 2014 Isle of Man TT

“I’ve known Dave all my life and he has been a massive help to me personally during my time working on the TT with advice and support for which I will be forever grateful.

“Seeing him score a podium finish at this year’s TT was such a highlight and it is great to see a true living legend go out on such a high note. He leaves the event with a remarkable legacy for current and future champions to aspire to.”

Molyneux overcame personal tragedy to become a record-breaking Sidecar driver. Dave’s father, John Molyneux was a passenger in the 1970s and sadly lost his life with driver George Oates at the 1977 Ulster Grand Prix.