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WSB star Neil Hodgson will be in our VIP Lounge for a live web chat on Friday, February 22.

The session will be held in the afternoon, as soon as he’s finished his first day of WSB testing at Valencia, Spain.

It will start at around 5pm. But to prepare yourself in advance, you can only take part in live web chats on this site if you are a registered user. Registering is free and easy to do. Simply follow the Register link at the top, right of the page and fill in the online forms.

Once registered, you can enter chatroom one (you’ll find that in our Discussion and Chat section), and from there you can make your way into the VIP Lounge, which is where Neil will be from around 5pm on Friday.

Anything you type while in the VIP Lounge will appear as a question to be posted to Neil. If you’d rather just chat, and watch the conversation, you should go to chatroom two.

You can ask questions in advance by sending them to

Please put ” Hodgson ” in the subject line of your e-mail.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff