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Brands – It’s changed my wife!

05:00 Sunday morning my 2 girls are waking up the street as we get into the car and my wife is in the ” why am doing this, I don’t even like bikes ” (she would never go on the back of my Fazer 1000)

Get settled in Paddock Hill stand and I see the ice maiden start to thaw. When the first superbike race started she’s even said the ” atmosphere and excitement made her feel emotional ” .

Between races she chatted with other bikers and pillions on the racing and remarked what a ” nice bunch of people us bikers are ” . Race 2 and she is completely enthralled and shouting out support to Hodgson and any bike she vaguely thought might have a Brit on board. The usual traffic queues on the way home, but my wife was smiling from ear to ear about the day and was very impressed that so many nice bikers are waving back to all the kids in the cars.

Monday we have just completed her first ever ride as a pillion and she is already got hold of the Hein Gericke catalogue looking at kit (hope my wallet can stand this). One day has completely changed her view about bikes so thanks to the WSB and supporting racer’s for putting on a fantastic event (plus Brands Hatch) and a special thanks to all you nice bikers 120,000 of you. You have converted my wife from ante waste of time bikes to, ” I’m going to get the proper kit and will the grand parents have the kids for the odd weekend so we can try some touring ” . Fantastic! From Alistair Hill

Neil Hodgson

One of my lasting memories will be seeing Neil Hodgson sitting on a Fila scooter in the paddock. He said he would be there until it got dark, and true to his word he was there, at least until 7 o’clock when we left, and people were still queuing. He even refused food and drink!

Signing almost anything that was past his way, talking to friends of fans on their mobile phones, and talking about bikes to his fans. Such commitment to his fans makes him a true star. So many people wanting their share of Neil must put a considerable pressure on him. Well done, thank you for all your efforts, and good luck for the future.

Ian, Kath and Matthew Daily

PS If your are reading this Neil, we hope you made it to the party, and keep working on the French!

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