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Ducati’s all new 1098 F08 is testing in Qatar at the moment with Troy Bayliss and Michel Fabrizio putting the new bike to the test against many top World Superbike rival teams.

We’ve put the best pictures of the bikes together to get a good look at the all new bike Ducati hopes will be enough to regain the advantage the inline four-cylinder bikes had last year at many circuits.

The ride was Fabrizio’s debut yesterday, sharing the testing duties on the new 1200cc machines that will represent Ducati in next season’s championship.

Both riders were pleased with the progress made on the first of three days of testing.

Bayliss said: “It was good to get back on the bike after six or seven weeks, and we’re pretty happy with the first day. The track is not bad but it’s a bit windy and dusty although things got better in the afternoon.

“We’re not really in a hurry with the new 1098 bike, we’re looking for a good base setting more than anything else and so far I’m pretty happy with the 2m00.6s I set on race tyres.

“The bike is quite similar to when I tested it at Vallelunga but we’ve got a lot of things to try out in the next couple of days and I’m sure we’ll improve.”

Fabrizio said: “My debut with the 1098 went quite well apart from a small crash!” said Michel.

“I like the bike a lot and I immediately managed to find a good feeling. Every time I went out in the morning, I managed to improve, which is always a good sign.

“In the afternoon however my time stayed the same as the morning because we changed the rear shock. There are another couple of days left here and I hope to improve.”

Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter